Little known facts I’ve learned from my Cuban familia.

1. Titties are an acceptable topic of conversation. The use of the words “titties” or “tetas” is also acceptable.

cow teats

2. If you are embarrassed for people to see you in your pajamas, breastfeeding or if you refuse to eat food they provide, you lose your Honorary Cuban card.

bunny suit

3. Traveling in herds is preferable.

sheep herd

4. Baby genitalia are cute and/or funny.

5. All meals must include rice.

6. All meals must be followed by Espresso.


7. If you do not own and/or use a pressure cooker you are NOT Cuban.

8. A trip to the beach requires a moving van. (and a POD)


9. Holiday dinners are preceded by a heartfelt speech during which other family members can mock you or take pot shots.

10. If you can’t stand up for yourself, stand somewhere else. You do not belong.

stand up for yourself

11. Cuban time does exist. You must turn your clock back a full hour when planning.

12. It ain’t a real party without a pinata.


My husband looks THRILLED.

13. Yellow rice is actually orange and best cooked with PBR.


14. Forget everything you knew about Thanksgiving turkey. You’ve been doing it ALL WRONG.

15. Don’t ever insult a Cuban woman’s cooking, even if it’s Bacalao and smells like rotting, farting flesh.