My job might suck sometimes, but it will never be as bad as being a daycare worker.

1. I occasionally have to clean up someone else’s shit. (something they’ve done wrong)

You ALWAYS have to clean up someone else’s shit. diapers 2. When my kid ends up with a boo boo, my initial response is “What did you do?”

When kids end up hurt at daycare, parents come to you and demand to know, “What did you do?”


Huck’s shiner. I made the mistake of telling his pediatrician the next day that he had been “hit by a car.” (neglected to insert the word TOY before car)

3. I sometimes look forward to work as a break from the kids.

You come to work and find EVEN MORE KIDS.

4. If my kid is throwing a massive hissy fit during drop-off, I can walk out that door and head to work.

You are the one left with the hissy fit. huck crying 5. I can take my bored kids to the beach, mall park, shopping or museum.

You have to come up with creative, safe things for a BUNCH of kids to do. creative 6. I am emotionally invested in my children so I find things that they do to be quirky, cunning and clever.

You find them creepy, manipulative and irritating.

7. We can threaten our kids with “pow pow” even if we never spank them.

You have to rely on firm, clean language for discipline. spanking 8. I can celebrate my child’s milestones.

You get one kid potty trained and there’s another little shitter waiting in the wings.

9. I frequently deal with stupid adults.

You deal with stupid adults AND stupid kids.

10. I work in a business where it’s difficult to get promoted.

Your promotion would have to involve NOT working at a daycare anymore. daycare funny In summary: I can’t say enough for the people who work their asses off wiping my children’s asses, teaching them, keeping them entertained and ALIVE for several hours five days of the week all year long. Bless your hearts. (but please stop charging so much)