pine coneWe did it! We made pine cone bird feeders!! (See previous post titled “Lazification of Parenting”)

Sure, not a single bird has visited and I am starting to wonder if as the weeks pass they are more likely to die from eating old moldy peanut butter, but WE DID IT!

finger paint

We even did finger painting! It was a mess and a logistical nightmare to get the kids cleaned up, but WE DID IT!

finger paint2finger paint3Sure, my son ended looking like Dexter, but WE DID IT!!

Last night while my husband finished cooking ropa vieja, I took the kids outside to blow bubbles.

Sure, our front porch is now coated in sticky bubble stuff that got tipped over, but it was undeniably the best part of my entire day.

I was sick, sans makeup, exhausted and hearing my son’s ear-piercing joyful shrieks was worth every minute.

These are the moments I want to bottle, to multiply, to recreate forever.