IMG_20140402_080736Last night I was cutting Alma’s nails and discovered there was black stuff deep underneath them.

I asked her what it was.

She said, “Dirt. I dig and dig and dig at school.”

I asked, “Why?”

She responded, “I dig for worms and snakes.” “I dig for worms and snakes.” “I dig for worms and snakes.”

Seriously, she said it three times while looking zoned out. Sounded just like Rain Man.

rain manI don’t know what weirds me out more: her sounding like she’s going to start counting toothpicks any second or that she’s literally hunting for snakes.

Yet, I find my daughter’s bizarre eccentricities endearing.

Occasionally while I’m putting her to sleep, she launches into rapid-fire monologues, complete non sequiturs.

Last night, she randomly said, “Jimmy James (boy from school) can’t find my house. It’s way too far away. We can’t find his house either. It’s way, way, way, way far away.”

So, I’m wondering if they plot escape from the playground at daycare together. Then I picture them bumping into the enormous gator that lives in the lake nearby. (Reason #465 why I wish I was a stay-at-home mom.)

gator lake

This is actually the smaller of the 2 gators.

As I’m reading her Mother Goose, she starts twirling my hair with her finger and says, “I like your hair growing long like mine.”

Then she says, “Ha! You cut my hair outside at our old house!” (Holy crap, that was at least a year and a half ago. I don’t even remember it.)

alma hair cut

Then she gets obsessed with the fact that there is no actual Mother Goose inside the Mother Goose book, so I have to go find the other Mother Goose book we have so she can flip through the entire thing to find said gander.

mother goose

As I walk out to leave, she tells me it makes her happy that daddy helped her put on her sneakers and that I let her wear them to bed. She explains that she likes sneakers with dresses now.

She’s random, weird and perhaps slightly unhinged and I adore her.

alma crazy