Quotes from my 3 year old daughter:

1) She told me she wanted to play superhero and I didn’t have a mask. I put on a headband and she said I look like an “Engine Turtle.” (Ninja Turtle)

engine turtle

2) There’s a white spot on a canvas picture in our bathroom left by a ding during the move. Alma told me, “A bird came in and pooped on it.”

bird poop

3) Alma on broccoli: “I just like the tree part. Not the stick part.”

alma broccoli

4) Bunny’s last name is “Bun” because her name is “Bun Nee.” (tried to correct her on this one, but she was determined)

alma bunny

5) Grandma and grandpa live in Saint Peep. (St. Pete)

saint peep

6) She refers to her new classmate as “Crammin.” It took me weeks to figure out she meant, “Cameron.”


7) She talked for days about seeing “Speros” everywhere, climbing on everything, dark “Speros.” I thought she was talking about “spirits.” Totally freaked me out. Turns out there is a new wild boy at school named “Speros.”


8) She once told my husband that she was scared because of the “no one” people looking in the window at her in her bedroom. (It was actually me, checking to see if she was asleep after working out)

no one people