My daughter has undiagnosed OCD. Or maybe all toddlers are just batshit crazy.

You know the little loop on the back of toddler shoes? My daughter has a massive meltdown if it’s not tucked in. She won’t let me cut them off, they must be tucked in. And if they don’t stay tucked in, it becomes a temper tantrum every few minutes.

shoe loop

She has to have 3 of everything. 3 headbands, 3 stuffed animals to sleep with and 3 “rinse and spits” after she brushes her teeth.

alma headband

She recently forced me to take a fancy church dress and lay it over her feet in bed and then cover it with the bedspread. I have no idea why.

She refuses to wear any shirt or sweater with a raised flower on it.

Lights on, door open, blanket on to sleep. If these strict requirements aren’t met, there will be hell to pay. Do not test her or she will punish you with new demands of computer time, a Christmas movie in January or heaven forbid, a tea party.

alma sleeping

As I mentioned in previous posts, she needs to be carried like a baby from the bathtub and refuses to walk down the stairs because it makes her “feet hurt.”

Spaghetti can only have butter on it, no red sauce whatsoever. Nothing should be tainted with parmesan cheese. Banana bread shall have no nuts. Egg McMuffins are great if you remove the ham so she can eat the egg white and scrape the cheese off the muffins, which are promptly tossed to the dogs. Olives are sinful. Eating green beans means separating them and only consuming the tiny bean portions inside. Frosting is fantastic, but the rest of the cupcake is bullshit.

When she’s sleepy, she needs complete quiet. When she wakes up, she is the devil.

Here are the advantages of having a moderately neurotic toddler:

She’s never going to run into traffic. She’s too busy telling ME to be careful and watch out for cars.

We will never forget to buckle her in the car, because she screams if you wait too long.

alma buckled

We will never forget her IN the car, because if we get our son out first she will completely lose her shit. “You forgot me!!!”

She’s going to love flossing her teeth. She tries to all the time already.

She will never be filthy, because a single hair stuck on her hand is a crisis.

But, whatever makes her this way has to be the same thing that inspires her to randomly say “I love you” or hug me for no apparent reason. Whatever makes her this way also makes her hysterically funny, sweet to her brother and exceptionally smart. This morning when she was looking out the bathroom window in the dark, I asked her if she could see anything. She said, “My ferlection!” (reflection.. close enough for me to consider her brilliant) I love my eccentric little girl.

alma sweet